BEATS by dre x line friends

Studio: Psyop
Director: Tom C J Brown
Executive Producer: Marisa Fletcher
Art Director: Pedro Lavin
Animation Director: Marika Cowan
Producer: Scott Thomas
Storyboard: Michael Deweese, Ben Chan
Designers: Pedro Lavin, Kyle Fewell, Connie Van, Danna Zhang
Editors: Loren Christiansen, Mike Colao, Andrew Jensen
Lead Animator: Tyler Dibiasio
Animators: Will Pittas, Henry Teitelman, Peter Schmidt,
Christopher Conforti, Ben Lucas
Compositors: Anthony Ferrara, Manu Galot, Alexis Jo, Hieu Phan

Concert Goers
The Screamer, The Couple That's Basically F*cking In Public,
The Shuffler, The Selfie Queens, The Cameraman
Character Designs
Early Styleframes
DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that the Japanese characters are gibberish.
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