Above: Website & Social Header
Below: Web Content
Social Post template with interchangeable assets
Early Styleframes & Color Studies
Early Sketches & Options
Astronaut overlooks a dry rocky planet, lit by a large moon, surrounded by asteroids and stars.
View from inside a cave of astronaut overlooking a foresty planet with
Astronaut overlooks a fog-filled planet with chunks of rocks peeking through the fog. Many other planets and moons are in range.
Astronaut overlooks a fog-filled planet with seemingly impossible structures. The sky is filled with clouds and the moon is distant.
The floating screens show UI that is multifunctional and informative. Think: Iron Man
A crystal ball-like tool witholds many functions that appear around the ball in a futuristic manner.
The astronaut interacts with adaptive futuristic UI/tools. The overlapping look suggests the product is so fluid, it feels part of the user.
Various windows presenting various options and data are conjoined like puzzle pieces as an astronaut hand reaches to place down a piece.
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