Froot Loops
'Color Quest'
Ever open a box of Froot Loops and ask yourself, “I wonder where this color Froot Loop came from?” Great! So did we, and now there’s an answer! This project was a dream come true to create on every level, from working with the scripts to storyboarding and making style frames, to the deliciously stylized finish product.

In all, we created six unique color quests, one for each loop, which culminated in a series of episodes that are filled with vibrant characters, landscapes, and a newly imagined Toucan Sam!
"The challenge was to create an episodic series of quests exploring where each Froot Loop color comes from. Starting from scratch, we imagined 6 color worlds, the crazy characters that lived in them and the journey our heroes would face. Each world had to feel unique while still being a part of the larger Froot Loops universe."
"Toucan Sam has been an icon our entire lives. It was an honor and a big responsibility to re-imagine him as our guide as he leads our heroes to follow their nose. His warm smile, welcoming eyes, and bird-like gestures were familiar qualities we wanted to evolve for a new generation of fans."
Creature Comforts
Setting Magic
Production Company: Scholar
Director: Will Campbell, Chace Hartman
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producer: Nic Barnes
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Director: Hana Yean
Lead Designer: Liam Elias
CG Supervisor: Matt Berenty
Lead Compositor: Dae Kang
Producer: Greg Behrens, Matt Creeden
Associate Producer: Tommy Petroskey
2D Design/AE: Zach Herdman, Irene Feleo, Amy Wallace, Mac Johnson, Madison Kelly, Ana Chang, Kristina Sharabinskaia, Siena Mae, Daniel Onassis, Connie Van
CG Modeling and Animation: LEON Studios
CG Generalists: Gabe Salas, Matt Rosenfeld, Ken Bishop, Paul Kim
Matte Painter: Tae Kim
Lighting: Michael Lampe, Kevin Lu, Cody Chen, Mirelle Underwood
Look Development: Faith Zeng, Luis Sanchez, Will Moody, Atsuki Hirose
Compositors: Matt Lavoy, Rachel Moon, Alex Dreiblatt, Paulo Dias, Molly Intersimone, Jensen Abler, Michael Loney
FX: Tim Hayward, Daniel Moreno
Editors: Chad Carbone, Eli Harrigan, Dannette Mehlik
Storyboard Artists: Fred Fass, Daniel Colon, Mark Yates
Color: ROC
Agency: Digitas
Client: Kellogs
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